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關於歐協 Our School


1. CIEL is conveniently located a short two-minute walk from the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall MRT station on Chunghsiao E. Road Section 4 (10Fl., No. 293, Sec.4, Chung-Hsiao East Road).

2. CIEL was founded in 1997 and has made great strides in improving the quality of European language teaching in Taipei over its history. Courses are suited to working students or to anyone wishing to improve his or her command of a language. The curriculum satisfies the needs of those studying a language for work, while ensuring a lively style of teaching that ignites student enthusiasm for learning as well as expanding the world view of each student.

3. CIEL also provides a stable and professional working environment for foreign instructors, allowing them to bring their skills into full play in the classroom. CIEL instructors have undergone rigorous and comprehensive training in language teaching methodology, and are expert in creating a great classroom atmosphere. From the very first class, CIEL students are speaking and interacting in the target language. At the same time, instructors are careful to resolve any learning difficulties students experience, to ensure that the whole class moves ahead smoothly together.

4. Our instructors know Chinese culture well and understand the difficulties that cultural differences can cause when learning a language. As a result, they are even better qualified to assist Chinese-speaking students to effectively solve the problems they face while learning a European language.

5. Instruction at CIEL focuses primarily on dialogues, role-plays and various educational games and activities. These methods are combined with the latest in audio-visual instructional materials to create a wholly-target-language environment. This allows students to naturally develop their skills through contact with authentic European languages.

6. CIEL class size is small. To maintain good educational quality and ensure individual attention to each student, maximum class size is twelve students.

7. Classes at CIEL are divided into four levels (Elementary, Intermediate, Superior and Advanced) based on difficulty. Each level is further subdivided into six phases (Elementary 1 through 6, Intermediate 1 through 6, Superior 1 through 6 and Advanced).

8. CIEL also offers private classes for individual 1-on-1 instruction. We can also send instructors to hold classes at your company's location as required.

9. CIEL provides free placement testing services and allows students to audit classes to determine suitability. After choosing a suitable class, students are immediately added to the class. There is no need to wait for the start of a new semester to begin study.

10. Tuition is NT$4,200 (21 class hours). Tuition is pro-rated in the case of students joining a class in progress, and no additional fees are charged. After the third semester of study at CIEL, tuition costs per semester are adjusted to NT$3,900 (21 class hours). Students showing their student ID card will enjoy a 20 percent discount (see “Fees and rules”).

11. When registering for the following semester, if a student knows in advance that he will be unable to attend class on certain dates, he may apply for leave with the staff and obtain a deduction of the corresponding tuition amount (no makeups will be given). Students in Elementary 1 will not receive such a deduction (see “Fees and rules”).

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CIEL is a language study center duly registered with the Taipei City Government Department of Education.

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