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Beginners ( all start from begining ; suitable for those with no previous exposure to the language )
  • Registration is open from the time the class is announced on the Web page, and runs until ten students have registered.
  • Tuition is NT$4,200 (21 hours instruction) and does not include materials.
  • NT$1,000 per term is payable at the time of registration, with the balance payable the day classes begin (sorry, as of yet we still cannot accept credit cards).
  • After three semesters at CIEL, students enjoy a reduced tuition of NT$3,900 (21 hours instruction).
  • There are no refunds for missed classes for students in Elementary 1 classes. Please check with the staff at the counter to arrange a time for a make-up class.
  • Special student prices : Both new and returning CIEL students (less than 25 years old) who register for a general class and show their student ID card will enjoy a 20 percent discount ; for a 21-hour general class tuition is NT$3,360 (normally NT$4,200). Sorry, no refunds for missed classes.

Students with previous language study 
  • CIEL provides free placement testing and auditing to determine appropriate class placement. Students may take the exam at any time prior to the start of classes. With instructor approval, students may audit a class to determine whether the level is suitable for them.
  • After choosing an appropriate class through audit, the student begins taking the class immediately through the add/drop process. It is not necessary to wait until the start of a new semester to begin study
  • Tuition is NT$4,200 (21 hours of class). Tuition charges will be pro-rated based on the number of classes remaining. No additional fees will be charged.

Refunds and Missed Classes  
  • A 100 percent refund or free transfer to another class will be given in the event a class registration is cancelled a week before its start.
  • If a class registration is cancelled within one week before the start of the class, a cancellation fee of NT$1,000 will be assessed.
  • If class registration is cancelled before 1/3 of the classes have been given, a refund of 1/2 the tuition paid will be made.
  • If class registration is cancelled after 1/3 of the classes have been given, no refunds will be given.
  • When registering for the following semester, if a student knows in advance that he will be unable to attend class on certain dates, he may apply for leave with the staff and obtain a deduction of the corresponding tuition amount (no makeups will be given). Students in Beginning I will not receive such a deduction.

 Transfers and Deferrals
  • No transfer or deferral of studies is permitted for students in Elementary 1 classes.
  • Please apply to CIEL in advance and bring your tuition receipt.
  • Paid-in class hours can be held for a maximum of two months' deferral time. Please resume your studies within this period.
  • After a student has applied for a transfer to another class, or for a deferral of studies, CIEL will not give any further refunds.

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